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Our Story

Founded in September 2020, JAiden Group is a collective of creatives and digital marketing experts that thrive on highlighting the most valuable aspects of every client label, while bridging the gap between DIY and professional marketing services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Who We Are

We are a small, multi-discipline group that has honed messaging for customers across multiple industries, all while trying to leave as as small a footprint as possible. As our client roster has grown, we’ve become a resource for networking opportunities between clients, and clients and vendors.

What We Bring

Comprehensively, we have 20 + years of experience creating cool concepts and launching complex initiatives. We build brand strategies rooted in your personality and unconventional ideas and base our decisions on relevant data to achieve results and help you build a better digital presence.

What To Expect

Before each new engagement, we conduct a deep dive into your current digital footprint and online reputation to better understand what makes you, you. We let the data guide us as we examine what’s working, what’s not, and what your current customers and followers are saying about you. Our focus is on actionable, contemporary solutions, and though we care about what your competitors are doing, we care more about accentuating the performative ways in which your brand is serving customers.


An in-depth analysis of your brand, services, audience, and competitors.


Assets, content, and collateral, optimized for your target audience.


A strong, adaptive, scalable strategy that progresses with your business.


An emphasis on communication, with tools and reports to monitor progress.

Creative Services

We deliver assets that spark creativity while staying in line with your organization's business goals, because a logo is not just a logo, and great strategies are built on a companys' core values, evolving as it grows.

Marketing Services

From awareness to the final transaction, we work with customers at every stage of the marketing funnel, building assets as needed or functioning as your in-house marketing division at a fraction of the cost.